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What is Sleepwalking?

sleepwalking< /a> is a risky sleep disorder. It has also been stated that sleepwalking, which usually occurs in situations such as intense and shift work, extreme stress and exposure to pressure, may be related to genetic factors in the researches. It is known that this disorder, which is frequently seen especially in the 6-12 age group, improves with increasing age. However, the state of sleepwalking that does not go away after the age of 15 is quite inconvenient. When sleepwalking is seen in adulthood, it can cause some neurological and psychological disorders!

Normally, the mechanism that prevents a person who is in the REM sleep stage, which is one of the sleep stages, from making hand and arm movements while dreaming, does not work while sleepwalking. When this mechanism does not work, excessive movements can be seen depending on the dream content. Therefore, the causes of sleepwalking should be determined and treatment should be started!

Symptoms of Sleepwalking

Sleepwalking can manifest itself in different ways in children and adults. This sleep disorder, which occurs during the sleep phase, usually occurs 1-2 hours after falling asleep. Although it is not a nightly disorder, its frequency varies from person to person. Sleepwalking usually lasts 10-20 minutes, but there may be situations where it lasts longer.

According to experts, the exact cause of sleepwalking has not been determined, but the most common effects are stated to be psychological stress or trauma. It is known that conditions such as the use of sleeping pills and psychiatric drugs in adults trigger this situation. In addition, it has been revealed that alcohol and substance addiction are also effective on sleepwalking. The most common symptoms are getting out of bed and walking around unconsciously and sitting up straight in bed. These symptoms can cause very dangerous situations such as injury, disability, various home accidents. During sleepwalking, it is observed that the eyes are open and the gaze is dull. During this time, no communication can be made with those around and no response can be given! When the person wakes up in the morning, they often cannot remember what happened. It is extremely important that these symptoms are not taken lightly in terms of not interrupting daily life.

Sleepwalking Treatment

There may be no need for treatment for sleepwalking, especially in children, this sleep disorder may pass during adolescence. However, sleepwalking seen in adults can seriously affect life and cause some undesirable situations. Treatment in sleepwalking is generally aimed at eliminating the underlying causes or preventing possible problems. If there is excessive alcohol and substance use in adults, this should be prevented. Psychiatric drugs used should be rearranged according to suitability.

It is an effective method to awaken the sleepwalker consciously about 20 minutes after waking up. This prevents the transition to the deep phase of sleep. Although this situation negatively affects sleep health, it is used to prevent life-threatening accidents. This awakening method must be guided by a neurologist or psychiatrist! If this sleep disorder has reached serious stages and the person has come to a situation that often puts himself in danger, drug treatment can be started. If there is a sleepwalking condition independent of genetic factors, psychotherapy will be a useful method. Psychological support will be the right way to reduce effects such as stress, anxiety, and burnout caused by an extremely busy life. Healthy sleep is very important in quality of life. Treating such situations seriously is one of the most important steps to be taken for a good life!

If you have a sleep disorder such as sleepwalking, you can try to improve your health conditions by consulting your doctor first to correct it, Morphsoleep visco mattress, visco pillow and other sleep products.

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