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Sleep Requirements by Age

sleep habits from infancy< /a> has a huge impact on the order of life. According to experts, attention should be paid to the duration and quality of sleep for a healthy lifestyle. Sleep duration varies from infancy to old age, age, genetic factors, health status, place of residence, daily life routine, season, etc. It varies accordingly. According to studies, the accepted common belief is that it is necessary to sleep for about 7 hours a day in order to be healthy. However, as a result of differences in work, social and school life, sleep needs also vary from person to person.


Creating a sleep routine in babies is extremely important for the healthy acquisition of sleep habits. Babies in the newborn period sleep approximately 11-16 hours a day, it is important not to fall below this period in terms of their development in this period. Usually 6-8 hours of this sleep time is sleep during the day. When babies enter the 2-3 month period, they can sleep for 4-5 hours without interruption. In the 4-5 month period, daytime sleep begins to shorten and nighttime sleep begins to increase. After the 6th month, night sleeps begin to be deeper. Playful children need about 11-13 hours of sleep a day. In the preschool period, daytime sleep is very rare, but nighttime sleep is completely transitioned. Sleeping comfortably for babies depends on choosing the right mattress and sleeping products. The size, material and hardness of the mattress directly affect babies' sleep! Morpho designed by Morpho Sleep with high technology Baby The mattress prepares the ground for a comfortable sleep thanks to its soft texture and organic structure. It is hygienic with its liquid-proof fabric and helps babies sleep soundly with its unique sleeping layers. https://www.morphosleep.com/products/morpho-baby-bed you can check out the link!< /p>

School Term

Specialists recommend 9-12 hours of sleep for children after the age of 6 years. In order for the physical and mental development and growth to be healthy, 10-12 hours of sleep is recommended for the 3-5 age group and 9-10 hours for the primary school group. As the need for sleep decreases with adolescence, the role of sleep in growth in this period is very large. It is important to establish a bedtime during this period and stick to it. Since excessive use of electronic devices in this age group will adversely affect sleep quality, these uses should be under parental control as much as possible!

Adulthood Period

The need for sleep in this period when career and life patterns become more clear, determining lifestyle is also effective. For an energetic and healthy life, the effect of a good sleep on the 18-64 age group is quite high. The sleep time recommended by experts is 7-8 hours for adults to be focused, fit and productive both in their business and social lives. After the age of 50, it is seen that 6 hours of sleep is sufficient. Paying attention to this issue in the protection of physical and mental health is effective in minimizing the risks of diseases that may occur!

Old Age

According to studies, some changes have been found in the biological rhythm of the body after 65 years of age. It has been revealed that the need for sleep decreases during this period and 5-6 hours of sleep may be sufficient. Since health problems that may occur with aging also cause sleep problems, this affects the duration of sleep. However, this situation does not include everyone in this age range, and a healthy person's sleep requirement may still be about 7 hours!

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