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Choosing the Right Orthopedic Mattress for the Elderly

Sleep is a need of great importance at every stage of life from infancy to old age. Adequate and quality sleep is indispensable for the maintenance of daily life. It is inevitable to face some problems when the desired efficiency cannot be obtained from sleep. Sleep is very important during infancy and childhood. Because the activities of the brain occur during sleep. Sleep is the main factor for the health and development of the child in this period. Children who have sleep problems during this period may have difficulties in learning. Studies have shown that those who have sleep problems in infancy also face this problem in childhood and adulthood. Regular sleep in every period of life is important in this regard. It is seen that the need for sleep decreases with adulthood. Sleep habits can change in old age. Especially during this period, as the body becomes more sensitive, the need for a good sleep increases. In this respect, it is important for health to prefer orthopedic mattress products in general in old age.

Sleep and Sleep Problems in Old Age

In old age, which is a more advanced stage of adulthood, some physical and mental changes occur in the body. With biological aging, the needs of people can also change in parallel. During old age, many physical changes occur in the body. Symptoms such as decrease in muscle strength and power, getting sick more often, shortening of neck, change in hair color, decrease in vision and hearing are examples of these changes. Although it varies from person to person, some problems that the elderly suffer during sleep are quite common. The need for sleep decreases with age. According to studies, it is considered sufficient for the elderly to sleep an average of 6-8 hours.

As age progresses, some problems arise as it becomes more difficult to fall asleep and the duration of sleep is shortened. One of the most common sleep problems in old age is sleep apnea. Temporary suffocation may occur when breathing stops at short intervals during sleep. During sleep apnea, the brain wakes up because the oxygen level in the blood drops, which causes sleep disruption. It is important for their health that the elderly who have problems with snoring at night and who are diagnosed with sleep apnea get help from a specialist without neglecting this situation. Apart from these, chronic pain, lung and respiratory disorders that occur frequently in old age also reduce the quality of sleep and uninterrupted sleep becomes more and more difficult. In this period, since sleep problems will reduce attention and concentration, the problem of forgetfulness may also occur. For these reasons, regular and adequate sleep is needed in old age as in every period. To improve sleep quality orthopedic sleep equipment should be preferred!

What kind of bed should the elderly choose for a good sleep?

Some measures to prevent sleep problems that become more evident in old age will open the door to a good sleep. In this period, one of the things to be considered for a good sleep is choosing the right bed for the body. With the sensitization of the body in old age, the body is affected more quickly by impacts. In addition, the recovery period of the body is prolonged during this period. Therefore, the bed to be used in the old age period should be personalized and suitable.

In this period, it would be right to turn to orthopedic mattresses that give full support to the spine and increase the comfort of sleep. It is very important to find the right mattress, as it will be necessary to increase the quality of the bed in order to increase the sleep quality. Especially the elderly with chronic muscle and joint pain should be more sensitive in choosing a mattress. In order not to fluctuate in the bed, to distribute the body weight evenly, to avoid excessive pressure on the spine. springless visco mattresses It will be a better choice of bed for the elderly. Spring mattresses are not a suitable option for this period due to their hard structure. Sleeping uncomfortably during sleep can cause various stiffness and contractions during the day. Therefore, breathable, hygienically appropriate mattresses provide a better quality sleep experience. Orthopedic mattresses that support the spine correctly will minimize various joint pains that may be experienced during this period. Durable latex mattresses are recommended for the elderly. Latex mattresses naturally wrap the body and help reduce muscle and joint pain.

Morpho Sleep has international standards visco and latex mattressesIt helps to improve the quality of sleep in old age. Morpho Sleep minimizes sleep problems in old age with its orthopedic mattresses, which have high air permeability and grip the body in the healthiest way!