Yatak Ömrünü Uzatmak İçin Neler Yapılmalıdır?

What should be done to extend the life of the bed?

The role of healthy sleep in increasing our quality of life is quite large. A good sleep to start the day vigorously, to feel good mentally and physically; A good bed is essential for a good sleep. After choosing the mattress in the most appropriate way to the physical characteristics and needs, attention should also be paid to the care of the mattress used.

The Effect of the Quality of the Mattress on the Duration of Use

The mattress, which prepares the best ground for the vitally needed sleep, is made of quality materials. must have been produced. After a while, the desired efficiency may not be obtained from poor quality mattresses produced from materials that seem affordable but are harmful to health. This type of mattresses can cause pain and stiffness in the spine system, as their materials are not strong. Bacteria and bad odors can reach disturbing dimensions in terms of hygiene. When buying a mattress, it is necessary to pay attention to the characteristics of the mattress, what material it is made of, and the duration of use. Today, with the developing technology smart technology in beds has become used. Bearings made of high-quality materials have a longer life. Like the material of the mattress, the quality of the fabric also has an effect on the usage time. Mattresses made of poor quality fabrics may deform after a while. It is useful to pay attention to both the material and the fabric quality of the mattress in order to prolong the life of the mattress.

How to Care for the Mattress?

According to research, the usage period of a quality mattress made of good materials is 7-10 years. varies between Physical characteristics such as the person's weight directly affect the life of the mattress. The mattress can wear out and deform over time. Care should be taken to take care of the mattress in order to postpone this situation. If the bed has become unusable, this can lead to various health problems. It is also beneficial not to use a collapsed, damaged, in short, expired mattress.

When using a mattress, the mattress should be turned upside down at certain intervals. Features such as having an air-permeable structure and evenly distributing the weight increase the life of the mattress. Periodic cleaning of the mattress is extremely important in terms of hygiene. Standard spring mattresses have a shorter lifespan than springless mattresses. In spring bearings, pitting, tearing, collapse and wear may occur over time. This reduces the efficiency of sleep. Care should be taken to care for the mattress for adequate and good sleep. In order to prolong the life of the mattress, the bedroom should be ventilated regularly, and the bed sheets and linens should be washed at high temperatures at certain intervals. Morpho Sleep promises a good night's sleep with its mattresses made of high quality materials with advanced technology. Visco mattresses are very suitable mattresses for long-term use, both in terms of being breathable and evenly distributing body weight. Visco mattresses are not easily deformed and minimize the sweating problem. Thus, it remains to enjoy a comfortable sleep.

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