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Pillow Suggestions for a Fresh Sleep in Summer

The change of seasons has a direct impact on human physiology and psychology. Changes in the weather affect many aspects of life and cause changes in lifestyle. Although it is generally believed that diseases are more common in cold weather, sudden temperature changes in summer can also negatively affect the body. It is necessary to take precautions by listening to these changes that may occur in the body as the summer season makes itself felt better and the temperature rises. Especially in the transition phase from winter to summer, the change in the night-day balance affects the biological clock and thus sleep. Since sleep quality will directly affect performance in daily life, healthy sleep is a must.

During the summer season, it can be difficult to fall asleep due to the extreme heat. As we move into summer, the bedroom ambiance sleep products should be adapted to summer. Attention should be paid to the material of sleep products such as quilts, pillows, duvet covers. Pillows with nylon or satin fabric irritate the skin in summer and are also very unhealthy in terms of sleep. It can be a dream to fall asleep with an incorrectly chosen pillow. In order to minimize such negative effects and to adapt to the seasonal changes more easily, it will be useful to apply some tips!

The Characteristics of the Pillow Determines a Cool Sleep Experience!

Sleeping position, physical characteristics from person to person quality and natural sleep products should be preferred for a healthy sleep experience. In the summer season, as the days get longer and the nights get shorter, it can be difficult to fall asleep. When sleep is not effective, it is inevitable that the quality of life will be shaken! The quality of the material, fabric and layers of the pillow, on which you sleep for long hours, is extremely effective in a refreshing sleep experience in summer. The production of the pillow from uncomfortable, unhealthy fabrics further increases sweating. Especially those who have sweating problems while sleeping are more affected by these problems with the arrival of summer. At this point, the pillow to be preferred should keep cool during sleep, its fabric should prevent sweating, and it should support the head area correctly! It should also be noted what the filling material of the pillow is made of. There are many pillow filling materials such as fiber, cotton, wool, bamboo. Because the material in the filling of the pillow is very effective on sweating. It is an important criterion for these fillings to protect the body's heat balance!

Morpho Visco Pillow, which does not sweat with its natural structure!

The visco pillow of Morpho Sleep, which uses superior technology to provide the best sleep experience with its 100% natural sleep motto, A comfortable sleep is possible with a pillow! Morpho visco pillow, Sanitized It has a fabric surface prepared with ® technology. This fabric surface provides heat control during sleep with its non-sweaty feature. It is a very right choice, especially for those who suffer from sweating. Having an inner lining layer, it ensures that the air ducts work better, thus laying the groundwork for a hygienic sleeping environment. Morpho visco pillow prevents sweating with its closed cell visco structure. It is also pressure sensitive, taking the shape of the head and neck, providing the ideal position. The cover of the pillow is made of licensed fabric, the hygiene finish inside it prevents the formation of bacteria and creates a healthy sleep environment. The Morpho visco pillow cover can be easily removed and washed if desired. There are three different degrees of pillow hardness, with soft, medium soft and medium hard options. Morpho visco pillow, measuring 40cm x 60cm x 18cm, opens the door to a spacious and comfortable sleep with its sweatproof structure!

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