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Three Tips for Comfortable Sleep in Summer

Increasing air temperature and excessive humidity with the arrival of summer can adversely affect human physiology. Being exposed to extreme heat during the day and having difficulty falling asleep at night can lead to disruption of daily balance. Those who suffer from excessive sweating may have difficulty concentrating on their work. Extreme heat can upset the body's ideal heat balance. In this season, it is extremely effective in terms of getting quality sleep and adjusting the day balance. Some tips that can be applied in order to spend the summer season in which eating-drinking, dressing, sleeping and many other needs change in the best way will increase the quality of life. To reduce the negative aspects of sweltering and scorching temperatures, it is useful to listen to these tips!

Set the Ideal Ambient Temperature

Create the ambient air sleep quality. The correct use of air conditioners and fans, which are frequently preferred in the home or business environment in summer, is very important. Air conditioners, which are used to provide comfort in many places in summer, adjust the control of humidity in the environment and ensure that the temperature is at an ideal level. If the air conditioner is used in the wrong setting, it increases the risk of disease. Running the air conditioner at a high setting to cool off when you are overwhelmed and sweaty from the heat adversely affects the body and paves the way for various ailments. There should not be an excessive difference between the temperature of the air conditioner and the temperature of the outside. Adjusting the interior to 15 degrees when it is 30 degrees outside will be misused, and this may invite diseases. According to experts, the ideal climate temperature should be in the range of 25-26 degrees. In addition, the maintenance of the air conditioner should be done periodically, otherwise the formation of bacteria may be observed, and bad odor may be emitted from the air conditioner. In order to reach the ideal ambient temperature in summer, natural ventilation can be provided by opening doors and windows. In summer, sleeping at night can be difficult due to humidity. At this point, frequent ventilation of the bedroom is an important criterion for sleep health.

Consume Plenty of Water and Have a Balanced Diet

Summer months are quite the ideal time to switch to a healthy diet routine. The speed of work of the body increases with the abundance of sunlight, the increase in time with the lengthening of the days, the abundance of vegetables and fruits of the season. Hot weather also affects body temperature. Since excessive sweating due to heat and humidity is common in this season, water consumption is higher than in other months. Air temperatures that are above seasonal normals from time to time pose a risk especially for those with chronic diseases. Attention should be paid to daily water consumption in this regard, plenty of water consumption should not be neglected! According to the physical characteristics of an adult individual, it is recommended to consume one and a half to two liters of water per day. Consuming water at the right times and intervals also affects the quality of life. Drinking a small glass of water 1 hour before sleep helps the body to perform its functions. Drinking plenty of water just before going to sleep at night is not recommended as it will disrupt sleep. Excessive consumption of carbonated drinks should also be avoided in summer, it would be better to prefer drinks such as plain soda, ayran and cold coffee instead! increases. Fruits containing excessive sugar should be consumed under portion control. Starting the day with a light breakfast in the morning and having snacks with seasonal fruits are beneficial for metabolic health! By consuming salads with added chicken at noon, both the time of satiety can be increased and heavy meals will be avoided. The dinner time can be pushed forward a few hours compared to the winter season, as the days are long. Care should be taken to ensure that the foods consumed at dinner are not fried, heavy and difficult to digest foods. Instead of frying, baked or boiled vegetables, chicken, meat can be consumed. Consuming heavy foods that will cause bloating in this season directly affects the quality of sleep and reduces the efficiency of sleep! For these reasons, it would be a good decision to eat fresh, unprocessed light products.

Choose Sleeping Products Suitable for Summer

The increase in both temperatures and various flies and insects in the summer can negatively affect night sleep. . Also, the days get longer as the sun rises early and sets late. This may result in a shorter sleep time. Maintaining sleep health in summer is closely related to choosing natural and quality sleep products. It is extremely important that the sleeping room is ready for sleep. It would be the right choice to use non-sweating sleep products this season. The material and fabric of the bed should be suitable for the physical characteristics of the person, and the pillow used should correctly support the head and neck region. The bed should have the feature of keeping it cool in summer and should be shaped according to the ideal sleeping position. The bedding set, sheets and piques to be preferred should also be made of cotton and natural materials. Satin and nylon blended sleep products should be avoided. Otherwise, both the skin will be irritated and the efficiency of sleep will decrease. For these reasons, it would be more appropriate to turn to environmentally friendly sleep products made from 100% natural materials.

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