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Who Are Soft and Hard Beds Suitable For?

For a healthy life, it is necessary to sleep soundly and make it a habit. Getting good sleep is also about choosing a good and suitable mattress. When choosing a bed, one should consider the physical characteristics, needs and budget of the person. Based on these points, we can say that finding the most suitable mattress is essential for comfortable sleep. Many details, such as the quality, fabric and material of the bed, are important for quality and adequate sleep. Investigating these features of the mattress in detail and making the right choice opens the door to a good sleep. Another point to consider when choosing a mattress is the hardness of the mattress. The softness and hardness of the mattress should be shaped according to the physical characteristics of the person. The bed chosen must meet the needs of the person. Otherwise, some health problems may occur.

Soft Mattress Features

Soft mattresses are often assumed to be more comfortable than hard mattresses. It is widely believed that the feeling of a soft mattress promises a better sleep. However, many factors such as sleeping position and health problems, if any, should be considered when choosing a bed. In soft mattresses, the body is buried more in the mattress. People who are overweight are buried even more in soft mattresses. Therefore, a soft mattress is not a suitable choice for them. A soft mattress may be the right choice for those who suffer from shoulder and back pain and feel uncomfortable in standard mattresses. People who sleep on their sides may also sleep more comfortably on soft mattresses. However, soft mattresses are not suitable for couples with significant weight differences. Because the center of gravity of the bearing may be disturbed. In this regard, it is more logical to choose a bed proportional to weight. Morpho Sleep mattresses offer their customers 4 different options as soft, medium soft, medium hard and hard. Visco mattresses that take the shape of the body with their body temperature and weight will be the right choice for those who seek comfort in sleep.

Hard Bed Features

Hard mattresses support the body more tightly due to their structure; Since the structures of these beds are harder, the feeling of being buried in the soft bed is not felt much. Sleeping position, weight and health problems should be considered when choosing a bed. Firm mattresses are more resistant to body weight and are not easily deformed. Therefore, it is a better option for those who are overweight to prefer a firm mattress. For couples with a weight difference, a hard mattress is suitable rather than a soft mattress. Because the pressure difference to the bed is less felt. Considering the sleeping positions, those who sleep on their side and face should not prefer very hard beds. When lying face down, the hardness of the mattress may adversely affect the abdominal region. Beds that are too hard can cause pain in the shoulders and hips of people who sleep on their side. People who do not have shoulder, waist or back pain may also prefer harder mattresses. The material used in hard bearings is important. Mattresses produced from natural and high quality materials offer a comfortable sleeping experience. The spine is aligned with the support points and air channels in Morpho Sleep visco mattresses. The 4 cm high comfort layer appeals to every sleeping position and body type. The hard surface layer, designed for those who want a firm mattress, also offers a high level of comfort during sleep.

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