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Choosing the Right Mattress for Waist and Neck Health

Low back and neck pains are very common all over the world and there are many reasons for these pains. The most obvious reason is the wrong mattress selection. Wrong mattress selection can cause serious health problems. If you wake up with pain when getting out of bed in the morning or if you feel pain enough to wake up at night, you should consider these complaints. You can prevent these ailments by choosing the most suitable orthopedic mattress for you. In order to reduce your back and neck pain, you should choose the right mattress according to your pain. 

How to Choose a Bed for Neck Health? 

Neck pain; It occurs when the neck stays in the wrong position during sleep. With the wrong mattress selection, the neck muscles contract, cannot relax and pain occurs in the neck region. The most recommended type of mattress for neck pain, orthopedic visco mattressesis. Visco mattresses relieve blood circulation and distribute body weight evenly. Thus, no weight is placed on a single region. This prevents neck pain and relieves users suffering from chronic neck pain. In traditional spring mattresses, on the other hand, the neck area cannot relax and pain occurs because the body weight is on a single area.  

Choosing the Right Mattress for Your Neck Health: Check out Morpho Sleep Visco Mattress Models! 

How to Choose a Bed for Back Health? 

Low back pain concept; It is used to describe pain in the lumbar region. Low back pain may occur periodically, as well as in a chronic form. The cause of pain in the lumbar region is directly related to the choice of mattress. When the wrong mattress is chosen, the spine cannot maintain its correct position, tension occurs between the spinal nerves and the muscles around the waist wear out. This causes chronic low back pain. For waist health, mattresses that support the whole body should be preferred. Maintains the correct alignment of the discs between the vertebrae visco mattresses should be the first choice of users experiencing low back pain.

Having a structure that grips and supports the body, visco mattresses visibly reduce back pain and are also good for muscle and joint pain. Visco mattresses are neither soft nor hard, medium hard and orthopedic. This is also the stiffness that is suitable for users experiencing low back pain. Hard beds are not suitable for people with low back pain, they can cause more pain. Traditional spring mattresses are also one of the types of mattresses that cause increased back pain. Since spring mattresses cannot distribute the body weight evenly, they cause an increase in lower back pain. 

Choosing the Right Mattress for Your Back Health: Check out Morpho Sleep Visco Mattress Models!