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Foods That Help You Sleep Better

Living a healthy life is directly related to the quality of nutrition and sleep patterns. The average daily calorie intake of an adult person and the energy expended should be proportional. Today, factors such as long and tiring working hours, excessive stress and exposure to stimulants have unfortunately brought along some nutritional problems.

In modern life, food is generally categorized as healthy and fast food in people's minds. Although everyone's eating and drinking habits differ from each other, some habits are based on cultural and local tastes. The important thing in eating habits is to have a balanced and adequate diet and to create a variety in food. Because every food eaten and drunk affects the body. Nutrition and inactivity problems, which are frequently experienced today, affect sleep, which directly affects the quality of life. Leaving harmful eating habits and establishing a healthy eating routine will increase the quality of life style so that sleep quality does not decrease! effects. In particular, turning to fast food-style foods is very dangerous for health in the short and long term. Experts attribute the prevalence of obesity today to these reasons. Consuming harmful foods affects many hormones in the body. Sleep quality is also affected by nutritional problems. A sleep that lacks quality also causes a decrease in daily performance and even some setbacks in business or social life!

Sleep and nutrition are closely related. Excess weight, unhealthy lifestyle can bring with it serious ailments. Today, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases have become widespread due to poor nutrition and sleep quality. Problems such as fatigue, weakness and inability to focus due to sleep problems are also quite high. For these reasons, the day should be planned and the eating pattern should be determined to be healthy according to the lifestyle. Otherwise, some foods consumed before sleep may reduce sleep quality and cause insomnia!

Which Foods Should Be Consumed Before Sleeping?

Nutrition pattern changes according to the lifestyle and habits of the person. There are some eating habits embedded in our culture. Sleep problems may occur due to some well-known mistakes! According to dietitians, heavy foods should not be consumed 3-4 hours before going to sleep. Since such heavy and fatty foods are difficult to digest, there may be difficulties in falling asleep and sleep may be interrupted!

Helping better sleep quality sleep products and visco mattresses as well as some Adding foods to your daily routine will be beneficial in terms of achieving quality sleep! One of these foods is bananas. Thanks to its magnesium, phosphorus and potassium content, the banana relaxes the muscles and prepares the ground for a good sleep. According to experts, while banana strengthens the nervous system, it also provides protection against Type 2 diabetes. It also contains vitamins B6, B3, B5 and C. It would be appropriate to consume banana, which is a sugary fruit, without overdoing it. Almonds, which contain healthy fats, are also an alternative snack for good sleep. Like bananas, almonds relax the body and muscles. This makes the transition to sleep easier! Kiwi is another food especially for those who are hungry frequently at night and have trouble with appetite management. Kiwifruit contains vitamins C, K and E. It is a fruit rich in potassium, antioxidants and fiber. Honey is among the foods that can be eaten before going to sleep due to the beneficial sugars it contains. It contains oats, melatonin and B vitamins, which help regulate sleep disorders. It is among the foods that help you sleep better. Nutrition and sleep are directly related to each other. By making a habit of consuming these foods before sleep, you can achieve a quality and sufficient sleep!

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