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Attention! You May Be Sleeping in the Wrong Position

Does your back or back hurt when you wake up in the morning? Do you wake up with a stiff neck? If you answer yes to these questions, you may be sleeping in the wrong position, attention! Sleeping in the wrong position can cause pain, hernia, arthritis and fatigue. The spine can be strained and damaged when sleeping in the wrong positions. If this condition continues for a long time, your health can be seriously affected. orthopedic mattress You can reduce the pain caused by the wrong position by choosing a pillow and a pillow.

Effects of Sleep Positions on the Body

If you wake up in the morning with numbness or tingling in your arm or hand, the nerves in your neck are under pressure. This is due to the prone or side lying position. Choosing the right pillow You can minimize this problem with Numbness or tingling may also be caused by keeping the wrist or elbow bent for a long time. To prevent this, a wristband that prevents the wrist from twisting can be used. Lying on your side can cause lower back pain. For this, people who sleep on their sides should prefer a mattress that will support their lumbar spine. The supine position is ideal for spinal alignment; but it can cause snoring. For this reason, if you have a snoring problem, you can try sleeping in a prone or side lying position. When lying face down, pain may occur because the abdominal region is constantly pressing on the bed. Your sleeping position also affects your internal organs. E.g; While your neck hurts less when you lie on your right side, you may experience heartburn. Or your liver and lungs may be strained when you lie on your left side.

What should be the correct sleeping position?

When the sleeping positions are evaluated, we can say that the right sleeping position for everyone varies. But lying on your back and on your side are ideal positions in general. Getting to and from bed is also important. When lying on the bed, first sit down and then lie on your side. If you are going to lie on your back, you should first sit and lie on your side, and then go to the supine position. When we wake up in the morning, if we are in the supine position, turn to the side and straighten the spine. In order to find the right sleeping position for ourselves, we should know our body and choose the most suitable bed. You can choose visco or latex mattresses where the spine stays straight during sleep. And you can observe whether the bed you choose is suitable for your sleeping position.

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