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Tips for Comfortable Sleep During Pregnancy

Quality sleep has a very important place in terms of our health. Quality sleep during pregnancy is much more important than other periods. Adequate sleep is essential for the health of both mother and baby. Otherwise, the health of both may be adversely affected. During pregnancy, the mother may need more sleep as she spends more energy. Of course, this may vary from person to person. Insomnia is very common during this period. The reason for this is the hormonal changes and some physical changes during the pregnancy period.

The Relationship Between the Pregnancy Period and Sleep

As a result of the rapid change in hormones in the first three months of the pregnancy period, the tendency to sleep also increases. The changes in the mother's body are also reflected in her sleep pattern. The frequent desire to go to the toilet can disrupt nighttime sleep. This can make uninterrupted sleep difficult. Since the complaints such as nausea, vomiting and heartburn that mothers complain about during pregnancy can be severe in this first trimester, it becomes difficult to sleep. The feeling of physical fatigue can also increase the desire to sleep during this period. The season in which the pregnancy period coincides also has an effect on sleep. Mothers who spend their first three months in the summer may also have difficulty sleeping due to the heat. In the later stages of pregnancy, the body also differentiates with the growth of the uterus and the baby. Mothers may have to change their sleeping positions as their bellies expand. An uncomfortable sleeping position can also cause frequent awakenings at night. These points should be considered during pregnancy. Because sleep in this period is vital for the development of the baby. With the physiological changes experienced during pregnancy, mothers host a new experience. This situation affects them mentally as well. As the feeling of moving to a new phase in their life will excite them, this feeling can stress them from time to time. It is also important that this stress stays at the dose and does not affect sleep too much.

How to Eat During Pregnancy?

The pregnancy period is a unique period for the mother. Some changes in the life order of the mother, who experience physiological and mental changes, also become inevitable. During pregnancy, the baby's growth day by day, the changes in the mother's body can shake the sleep balance. Apart from these, unhealthy diet of the mother will also affect sleep. Which food the mother consumes at what time affects both the mother's sleep and the development of the baby. Stomach ailments may occur when night-time escapes after insomnia are very severe and unhealthy. Therefore, paying attention to their eating patterns and turning to lighter and healthier foods will lead them to a more comfortable sleep. Since the baby needs protein and calcium, it will be beneficial for mothers to turn to dairy products. Salmon, which helps the development of the brain and eyes, and eggs, which support the development of the spine, are also foods that help the mother to have a comfortable pregnancy. Broccoli is a food recommended by experts to mothers as it will reduce the risk of low birth weight. Also, care should be taken not to become dehydrated while pregnant. Since bacteria in foods such as liver and undercooked meat will cause infection during pregnancy, it would be good for mothers to stay away from them. Caffeine and alcohol consumption should also be paid attention to. These drinks can slow down the development of the baby.

What Kind of Bed Should Be Preferred During Pregnancy?

One of the most important factors for a more comfortable sleep for pregnant women is undoubtedly the beds on which they spend most of the day. Especially in this period, with the change of the mother's body structure, sleep equipment becomes even more important. Choosing the right bed for comfortable sleep during pregnancy will comfort the mother and the baby. Mothers should prefer mattresses that take the shape of their bodies and enable them to eliminate sweating problems that increase during pregnancy. The material of the selected mattress is very important for the spine to be in a comfortable position. It would be a good decision for mothers to prefer beds made of durable and quality materials. The most suitable mattresses to be used in this period for a comfortable sleep are visco and latex beds. Rather than standard mattresses, these mattresses support the mother's body and open the door to a sound sleep experience. Latex mattresses made from natural materials and visco mattresses are ideal mattresses for mothers to have a comfortable sleep during pregnancy. Morpho Sleep will help mothers to have a good sleep with its mattress types produced with smart technology. Latex mattresses help distribute body weight evenly, so that the mother has a comfortable sleep experience. Visco mattresses that fully envelop the body, on the other hand, eliminate back and waist pains that are common during pregnancy, and offer mother and baby a sound sleep. Visco mattresses allow the mother to pass the pregnancy period in the healthiest way, with its motion isolation and natural content. Paying attention to the choice of mattress by paying attention to these points during pregnancy is necessary for the health of both mother and baby.

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