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Suitable Beds for Those Who Have Sweating Problems While Sleeping at Night

Sweating problem while sleeping; It is one of the issues that reduce sleep quality and prevent a healthy sleep. Sweating problem causes other diseases besides reducing sleep quality.

If you have sweating problems while sleeping at night, there may be many different reasons; but the material of the bed you sleep in is one of the biggest causes of sweating. For this reason, knowing the features of mattresses that cause sweating and those that do not will allow you to choose the right mattress for yourself. Particular attention should be paid to this issue for the summer months.

Features of Beds That Cause Sweating 

If you have sweating problems while sleeping at night, the materials of the bed you sleep on cannot transfer the heat to the outside, which means that there is no air circulation in your bed. In order not to sweat while you sleep, you should choose a mattress that breathes. Mattresses produced using natural materials, not synthetic materials, will be the right choice. Because synthetic materials prevent the mattress from breathing.

Traditional spring mattresses are the types of mattresses that cause sweating; because they do not have air circulation channels. Since there is no air circulation, they cannot transfer their body heat out of the bed, which causes sleeping in a very hot bed. Soft mattresses cause heating and sweating problems as they trap more heat. 

Non Sweating Beds

  • Latex Mattresses

  • Derived from the sap of the rubber tree, latex is an extremely natural material. latex bedsIt is a spacious and constantly breathing structure. They provide a comfortable sleep as they have hundreds of air channels. latex mattressThey have a material structure that eliminates problems such as excessive sweating and cold, independent of seasonal conditions.

    Not all latex mattresses on the market are made of natural material, synthetic latex mattresses are also available. Synthetic latex mattresses should not be confused with natural latex mattresses. Synthetic latex mattresses can cause sweating. You should make sure that the latex mattress you choose is produced from completely natural latex material.

  • Visco Beds

  • Produced from visco elastic material visco bedsis smart mattress technology and is among the most preferred mattress types today. Visco mattresses have many advantages. As they fully support the body and take the shape of the body, they offer a comfortable sleep and are durable. Apart from its advantages, visco bedare known to cause sweating problems; but visco mattresses that cause sweating problems are low quality ones. ViscoCool Gel® technology is used in Morpho Sleep visco mattresses, which is the highest point of smart sponge technology. This technology provides maximum cooling during sleep and prevents sweating regardless of the season.

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  • Natural Beds

  • Natural mattresses, also known as organic mattresses, are mattresses produced using completely natural materials. These mattresses contain natural materials such as horse hair and coconut fiber. And these materials have natural air channels due to their structure and allow the mattress to breathe continuously. It is a healthy bed alternative regardless of the season for people who have sweating problems while sleeping. natural beds, it is also suitable for very long time use.