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Magnetic Field Syndrome

With the development of technology, some major changes have occurred in habits in daily life. These changes, which affected both working life and social life, brought some problems with them. One of these problems, magnetic field syndrome, occurs with increasing electromagnetic pollution. This situation, which can cause physiological and psychological health problems, causes many problems such as waist, shoulder and back pain, depending on the exposure time. As a result, the quality of life decreases and insomnia can occur!

What is Natural Magnetic Energy?

Today, nutrition sleep Major changes in basic habits, such as the widespread use and consumption of chemical substances, are very effective in the increase of diseases. The human body is in harmony with the natural magnetic field under normal conditions. The natural magnetic field consists of particles between the atmosphere and the fields on the earth.

Increasing technological developments in recent years, radiation emitting devices, base stations have adversely affected the function of the natural magnetic field. According to experts, this has a large share in the increase of diseases! Exposure to magnetic fields for a long time disrupts basic needs and negatively affects life. According to studies, the decline in the average age of diseases such as heart attack, cerebral hemorrhage and cancer seriously threatens health.

Ways of Protection from Magnetic Field

Staying in front of the computer for a long time in social life and especially in business life, spending excessive time with electronic devices, working in the hospital environment and shopping centers cause intense exposure to magnetic fields. As a result of this situation, insomnia, fatigue, eye and headaches, spine pain may occur.

As there is less opportunity to be exposed to the magnetic field, more time should be spent in nature and environments with radiation should be avoided. Getting involved with the soil and creating hobby areas by taking care of plants is also a way. It is of great importance to make room for a healthy life in one's daily routines. Poor quality sleep directly affects and reduces the efficiency of the day! Therefore, attention should be paid to sleeping habits, and bedding and sleep products suitable for the person should be preferred.

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