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Choosing the Right Bed for Spine Health

Did you know that we spend an average of 25 years of our lives asleep? It is very important that we choose the right mattress and pillow model that protects our spine health in order to sleep soundly and start the new day more vigorously and energetically!

In these days when the time we spend in front of the computer increases with the coronavirus, low back and neck pain is becoming more and more common. Sleeping in beds that are not suitable for our body type exacerbates these pains and causes permanent damage to the spine over time. Our spine needs to be kept upright while we sleep, both during the day and at night. According to experts, mattress models that support the spine the most for a proper posture are medium-firm mattress models. orthopedic visco mattressthigh!

Orthopedic Morpho Visco Mattresses for Spine Health

The right mattress choice for spine health is mattresses with maximum support for the spine and minimum pressure on them. For a healthy sleep, the mattress we choose should not be too soft or too hard. You can choose medium hard orthopedic visco mattresses. Medium-hard visco mattresses do not strain the spine and discs, thanks to their body-hugging structure. It is the ideal mattress for those who suffer from low back and back pain.

Morpho Visco Mattress supports the spine perfectly and prevents the formation of pain. All Morpho Visco Mattress models adjust themselves according to your body shape and sleeping style and align the spine.

Morpho Sleep Double Orthopedic Visco Bed Modelsto examine what Click now!

Choosing the Wrong Bed for Spine Health Makes You Sick!

Sleeping on a very soft or hard bed forces the spine and causes back and neck pain. Because soft or hard mattresses cannot protect the natural curvature of the spine. This puts an excessive load on the discs between the vertebrae, that is, it forces the discs and causes pain. Over time, this pressure on the spine and discs can cause more serious ailments. For example, spinal curvatures may increase, nerve root irritations may occur, or disc diseases may occur.