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What is Organic Mattress, Who Should Prefer?

Choosing the right bed is very important in order to relieve the tiredness of the day and wake up rested for the new day. Bed selection It is a vital issue for physical health. Organic mattresses are among the most preferred mattress types of recent times. Organic beds stand out with their natural features. So, how can we tell if a bed is organic? For this, it is necessary to know the properties of organic beds.

What is Organic Mattress?

organic bedding; It is a type of mattress that contains completely natural materials such as cotton, latex, wool, coconut fiber and horse hair, does not contain chemicals and is suitable for health. The materials in the organic beds are generally processed using handicrafts. horsehair; It gives the mattress a natural ventilation feature. In this way, since the body temperature is balanced, problems such as sweating or cold are prevented regardless of the season. Coconut fiber, on the other hand, prevents the formation of bad odor in the mattress and provides a pleasant and fresh smell. In addition, coconut fiber, which is a durable material, is also very resistant to weights. Latex is also an extremely durable material and helps to reduce body aches with the pressure it exerts on the body.

Who Should Prefer Organic Bed?

Why should we choose an organic bed, we have listed below for you;

1) Those who want to sleep in a bed with natural ingredients

Organic mattresses, produced using completely natural materials, are the most suitable mattresses for health. It can be preferred especially for newborn babies and children.

2) Those who do not want to harm the environment

Organic beds do not contain any chemicals and are produced using completely natural materials. It is suitable for environmental conditions and does not harm the environment.

3) Those who prefer an orthopedic mattress

Organic mattresses are completely orthopedic thanks to the materials inside. Organic mattresses, which provide the most correct position for the body during sleep, balance and support the body weight. The body is not buried in the bed and the muscles are relaxed. Thus, it offers a comfortable and comfortable sleep.

4) Those who want a comfortable and comfortable sleep

Organic mattresses provide the most ideal comfort and convenience regardless of the sleeping position. Organic beds that balance body movements, relax blood circulation. In this way, there is no sleep interruption and the person sleeping in the bed enjoys quality sleep.

5) Those who are bothered by allergies and bad smell

Organic mattresses, designed using natural materials, prevent the formation of bacteria, mold and fungus thanks to their air-permeable structure. The coconut fiber in it also provides a pleasant and fresh scent. Even with long-term use, there is no irritating odor formation. Organic mattresses are also extremely suitable for allergic bodies. Organic mattresses with antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties prevent allergy problems.

6) Those who do not want to sweat or get cold during sleep

Organic beds function as a natural air conditioner thanks to their air-permeable structure. Organic mattresses, which can adjust the body temperature balance very well, adapt to every climate. Depending on the season, they can throw out the heat or keep it inside. They prevent problems such as sweating and cold, and provide a comfortable and uninterrupted sleep experience.

7) Those who care about bed hygiene

Organic beds are suitable for double-sided use. So you don't have to constantly change your mattress. Having the same features on both sides provides easy relocation and cleaning.

8) Those who want to use it for a long time

Organic beds are prepared by hand and are suitable for long-term use. They are not easily deformed. The collapse problems encountered in traditional spring mattresses are not seen in organic mattresses. Because the workmanship of organic beds is very good and they are produced from high quality materials.

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