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Bed Selection According to Sleeping Position

How we sleep during the night is one of the most important factors so that we can start the new day rested and energetic. Everyone's comfortable and preferred sleeping position is different. Choosing the most suitable mattress for your sleeping position ensures a healthy and comfortable sleep. When you choose a bed according to your sleeping habits, you will prevent body aches caused by the wrong sleeping position.

How to Choose a Bed Based on Sleeping Position?

Our sleeping positions are not our own choice, they are completely involuntary and the body's own habits are ultimately determined. The most common sleeping positions are; lying on your back, lying on your face, and lying on your side. Although we sleep in different positions throughout the night, the position we use most often is the position we first go to bed. Taking this position into account, you can choose the right mattress for yourself.

Suitable Beds for Prone Sleepers

In the prone sleeping position, the neutral position of the spine is disturbed and the abdominal region constantly presses on the bed. This causes the muscles to be constantly stretched, and joint and muscle pain may occur. At the same time, neck pain can also be seen because the head is turned to the side. Generally speaking, prolonged sleep is dangerous and can cause damage, a disadvantage for people with shortness of breath. Latex mattresses that support the body are recommended in order to minimize the harms of prone sleeping habits. Latex mattresses are the most comfortable beds for the person during sleep as they allow comfortable movement. It allows it to take its natural position and prevents the spine from being in the wrong position. In addition, latex mattresses produced using natural materials have a constantly breathing structure. It is an important advantage that the mattress has an air-permeable structure, as its face is always turned to the bed in the prone position.

Backs Suitable for Back Sleepers

The back sleeping position is the most common sleeping position and there are more mattress alternatives for back sleepers. When lying on your back, the spine must maintain its natural position for a long time and remain straight. The most suitable beds for this position are; latex, visco and hybrid mattresses. All three types of mattresses relax the spine, distribute body weight evenly and support the lumbar region. Traditional spring mattresses can cause back pain.

Beds Suitable for Side Sleepers

Another of the most common sleeping positions is side sleeping. In the side sleep position, the spine lengthens in its natural position and this position has a relieving effect on low back pain. For those who have snoring problems, the best sleeping position is to sleep on their side. Recommended mattress types for snugglers are visco and latex mattresses. Visco and latex mattresses that support the body and protect the natural posture of the spine offer a comfortable sleep experience. Conventional spring mattresses are not recommended for side sleepers. In the side lying position, spring mattresses cause pain as the pressure is on the shoulder and hip area. Visco and latex mattresses distribute the body weight evenly and minimize the pressure.
Choosing the right sleeping position and the right bed is completely personal. You should know your own body, your sleeping position, and choose the most suitable bed for your health.

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