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Foods and Drinks That Facilitate the Transition to Sleep

Unhealthy food consumption, which is among the main causes of sleep problems today, also invites many diseases. The effects of foods consumed daily on sleep quality are quite high. The body's reaction to food affects the person physiologically. In order to have and maintain a quality lifestyle, care should be taken to ensure that the food and beverages consumed are natural and healthy. Although it is always difficult to pay attention to this in the hustle and bustle of daily life, it is necessary to apply them for a good life. Some foods that will be consumed by those who have difficulty falling asleep and those whose sleep is frequently interrupted will facilitate the transition to sleep! You can sleep more comfortably and comfortably by consuming foods with healthy ingredients that positively affect sleep quality!

For Warm Milk Before Sleep!

A good sleep is essential to relieve the tiredness of the day. Drinking warm milk before going to sleep at night facilitates the transition to sleep. Tryptophan in milk is one of the essential amino acids that affect many functions. The sleep cycle is positively affected by the molecules produced by tryptophan and the hormones it secretes. Melatonin, which regulates the biological clock, helps to fall asleep. A warm glass of milk will help a lot for a good night's sleep!

Consume Banana or Kiwi!

Banana, which is rich in potassium, also provides the hormone melatonin and prepares the ground for a comfortable sleep. After a tiring day, consuming a small banana before going to bed will help relieve tension by relaxing the muscles. Another fruit that improves sleep quality is kiwi. Kiwi, which contains high serotonin, both meets the daily vitamin need and accelerates the transition to sleep. Studies have shown that kiwi consumption improves sleep health. In the study, it was observed that people who consumed kiwi had higher sleep efficiency. It is possible to reach a more comfortable sleep by consuming banana or kiwi before sleep!

Balance Carbs with Protein!

Consuming foods that are heavy and rich in carbohydrates during the day and especially in the evening causes hunger again. When only pasta, rice, and fast-food-style foods are consumed at dinner, digestion becomes difficult and the transition to sleep is interrupted. In addition, since these foods will cause a play in insulin resistance, they can also lead to interruption of night sleep. It will be a healthier choice to prepare a more balanced plate by consuming carbohydrates with protein!

Consume Yogurt or Ayran!

in society sleep-inducing foodsYogurt/Ayran, which is at the beginning of the diet, helps the person to relax and relax. The lactic acid in yogurt is very effective in relaxing the nerves. Lactic acid, which increases body resistance and plays a role in fulfilling the functions of the immune system, is abundant in yogurt. In the evening, consuming ayran instead of acidic and carbonated drinks in the choice of beverage besides the meal will prepare the ground for a good sleep! You can have a healthy sleep experience by consuming a small bowl of yogurt before sleep.

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