Visko Yatak Nedir?

What is Visco Mattress?

Space technology Visco; It was found by NASA as a result of experiments to reduce the load and pressure on the astronauts' bodies. The smart sponge Visco, which softens with the weight and temperature of the body and takes the shape of the body, is orthopedic and springless. When choosing Visco mattresses that have the ability to grip the body, attention should be paid to the thickness and density of visco.

Especially weight, sleeping position (side, prone or
supine) and height are important in choosing visco mattresses. Visco mattresses are more suitable for side and back sleepers. Visco mattresses with smart cell technology; It allows you to remember your sleeping features and take the position in which you move most comfortably during sleep.

With an open cell structure, visco elastic sponges do not contain bacteria and are hygienic. Air permeability is at maximum level. Fiber particles absorb and store moisture; it gives a nice and dry feeling and prevents moisture and humidity from forming.

With its breathability feature, your visco mattress prevents you from sweating by taking excess heat from your body. It creates a cooler and more spacious sleeping environment for you. It provides a balanced and comfortable sleep with heat transfer.

Visco mattresses; As it minimizes the resistance in pressure areas during sleep, it relaxes your blood circulation and creates a healthy sleep environment. The flexible structure of visco supports the spine perfectly. Since the weight on your waist and back will be lighter, your various muscle and joint pain complaints will not occur or be minimized.

Visco mattresses prevent nervous system, spine and joint disorders by supporting the weight of your body. . Reduces bed-related pain complaints.

Anti-allergic, orthopedic Morpho Visco

Meet a quality and uninterrupted sleep with mattresses!

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