Visco Yatak Pedi Nedir?

What is Visco Mattress Pad?

It feels uncomfortable with the bed you use; but if you can't afford a new mattress, you can choose a mattress pad. Mattress pads are available in latex, organic and visco varieties just like mattresses. You can get the performance you cannot get from your mattress, which does not have orthopedic features, with a visco mattress pad, and you can enjoy a healthy and comfortable sleep. Visco mattress pads, which are designed to bring innovation to your existing mattress, are carefully designed with high quality materials and can adapt to all kinds of mattresses. It is cheap and economical. Every user who wants a comfortable sleep can easily have it. In addition to being economical, it meets all the needs of the user. It supports the body during sleep, prevents muscle and joint pain and allows the mattress to breathe.

Features of Visco Mattress Pad

Visco mattress pad is produced from visco elastic material, a very special material used by NASA for astronauts, just like visco mattresses . Visco mattress All the features it has are also valid for visco mattress pads. Visco mattress pad also has a body-hugging structure and supports the whole body while sleeping. It prevents muscle and joint pain as it distributes body weight evenly. Thanks to the air-permeable structure of the visco mattress pad, your mattress also gets air constantly. You will not experience sweating problems regardless of the season, and you will enjoy a fresh and comfortable sleep experience.

Advantages of Visco Mattress Pad

Visco mattress pad provides many advantages apart from being economical.
  • Visco mattress pad is a mattress made of high quality material. It can be worn over your bed in a comfortable and practical way.
  • The price of visco mattress pads is up to a third cheaper than regular visco mattresses. It is a product that can be preferred by every user.
  • Visco mattress pads provide motion isolation. In this way, couples are not affected by each other's turns in bed and enjoy an uninterrupted and comfortable sleep. Visco mattress pads will be the best solution for this problem, especially since couples sleeping in traditional spring mattresses feel the vibration in the mattress a lot.
  • Visco mattress pads support the body during sleep and ensure the spine is in the correct position. In this way, waist and back pain is prevented. Those who sleep in traditional spring mattresses can distribute their body weight evenly with visco mattress pads. In this way, problems such as excessive sweating or coldness do not occur.
  • Because the visco mattress pad is cheaper and more economical than mattresses, it can be easily renewed when deformed. When one is damaged, you can buy a new one without thinking too much about it. Thus, by using visco mattress pad, you can have a mattress that is not easily deformed for a long time. For a healthy and comfortable sleep experience, we recommend that you pay attention to the visco thickness.

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