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What are the Materials Used in Making Visco Mattress and What Are Their Properties?

Visco mattresses have become one of the most preferred mattress types of recent times, thanks to their quality materials and durable structures. Visco mattresses, which support and wrap the body, offer a healthy and comfortable sleep experience. You wake up rested every morning; because visco mattresses do not put a load on your spine. In visco mattresses, which also have a motion isolation feature, the couples are not affected by each other's movements and fluctuations do not occur in the mattress. Harmful chemicals are not used in Visco mattresses, the most suitable and highest quality materials are used in terms of health. 

Visco Mattress Materials

Visco mattresses are smart mattresses made of visco elastic material. Visco elastic material is a special material developed for NASA astronauts. It has been developed to eliminate joint and muscle pain complaints for astronauts to have a more comfortable journey during space travel. Afterwards, it started to be used in mattresses, and visco mattresses emerged by placing a special visco layer on soft sponge. 

Visco bearingsAll the materials used in the hotel are special materials that have been carefully developed for a perfect sleep. The contents of Morpho Sleep visco mattresses are as follows;

  • Fabric Surface

Fabric surface of standard Morpho Sleep visco mattresses Sanitized® It is a licensed special fabric. It creates a safe and healthy sleep environment by using hygiene technology.

  • Coolmax® Fabric Surface

Coolmax® Morpho Sleep visco mattresses, which contain a licensed ultra-light fabric surface, allow you to reach maximum coolness all night long and prevent sweating.

  • Special Supporting Sponge

Special supportive sponge is used under the visco layer to offer more softness. Soft sponge is the supporting material in visco mattresses. It is not possible to sleep in a bed that is completely visco, so soft sponge is used on the bottom layer of visco mattresses. 

  • Visco Layer (Visco elastic material)

Standard Morpho Sleep visco mattresses have a 4 cm thick high sensitive visco layer. This material integrates with your body and takes the shape of your body, supporting your waist and spinal cord.

  • Visco Cool Jel®

Morpho Sleep visco mattresses with Visco Cool Gel® have a cooling effect. Visco Cool Jel® The gel particles in it create a heat balance and provide a comfortable sleep experience. 

  • Cellpur® Visco

Cellpur® The visco layer, produced under license, traps moisture thanks to the cellulose particles inside. Morpho Sleep visco mattresses with Cellpur® Visco create an excellent heat balance.

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