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How to Choose the Right Bed According to Age?

Choosing the right mattress is very important for a comfortable and quality sleep. When choosing a bed, the age of the person should also be taken into account. Since the needs of each age group are different, the recommended bed types may also be different. 

 Bed Recommendations for Teens 

How to choose the right mattress for young people between the ages of 18-35? This age period is the period in which the most physical and mental development is shown. Young people are more active than other age groups. The body consumes a lot of energy during the day and the muscles get tired more. A healthy sleep is needed for the regeneration of the muscles. Since the age of 18-35 is a suitable age for learning and consolidating new information, REM sleep is of great importance. For this reason, the right bed selection for young people should be the kind of beds that will support their development. Considering all these, visco and latex mattresses will be the best mattress choice for this age group. Visco and latex mattressesIt has a structure that supports the body and the body weight is evenly distributed. Due to these features, the muscles are relaxed and an uninterrupted sleep experience is experienced at REM sleep level.   

Bed Recommendations for the Middle Ages 

The right choice of mattress for the middle age group between the ages of 35-55 is the type of mattress that will help the body relax. In middle age, the body wears out more than in previous years, and problems such as muscle and joint pain are more common. Visco, latex and natural mattresses, which are the types of mattresses that can help eliminate body aches, are the types of mattresses recommended for the middle age period. These types of beds, which allow the body to maintain its natural position during sleep, protect the skeletal system, help eliminate pain and rest the body. While sleeping as a couple in visco, latex and natural mattresses, the spouses are not affected by each other's movements, and fluctuations do not occur in the bed. 

Bed Recommendations for Seniors 

Choosing the right bed for advanced age should be the type of bed that will provide solutions to sleep problems and help the body rest; because sleep problems can be seen in advanced ages for many different reasons. One of the causes of sleep problems is excessive sweating or feeling cold during sleep. Another reason is body aches. Mattress types that will be the solution to all these are again visco, latex and natural mattresses. Since latex and natural mattresses are mattress types produced using natural materials, they have an air-permeable structure. This prevents excessive sweating and cold regardless of the season. ViscoCool Gel® technology used in Visco mattresses also keeps body temperature in balance and eliminates sweating and cold problems. Visco, latex and natural mattresses relax muscles and joints, relieve pain, and support the body, thanks to the structures that surround the body. These three bed groups are durable and suitable for long-term use. 

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