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Is Sleeping Without Pillow Harmful?

Choosing the right sleep products is a good idea It has a direct effect on sleep. At this point, it is very important for the person to choose products that are suitable for their physical characteristics and personal preferences. Otherwise, products such as mattresses, pillows and quilts that are not suitable for the person adversely affect the quality of sleep. In order not to harm the health of the spine, it is necessary to be selective in these choices! Considering that about a third of the day is spent sleeping, the quality of the pillow you sleep on should be extremely meticulous. Each person's sleeping habits and positions are unique. According to personal preferences, some people prefer to sleep without a pillow. At this point, there are known misconceptions and they can cause you to wake up tired!

How Does Sleeping Without Pillow Affect Your Spine Health?

For a healthy spine, the sleeping position and the sleep products used should be chosen correctly. Being in the wrong position for a long time, which directly affects the posture, sitting and movement of the spine, may cause some complaints! Sleeping positions vary from person to person, and it is necessary to sleep in the ideal sleeping position for neck health. An equal alignment of the spine during sleep prevents complaints such as low back and neck pain.

Experts recommend sleeping on your back or side in this regard. It is extremely important to use the right pillow to relieve the load on the neck and keep the spine straight. A common belief for spinal health is sleeping without a pillow. For prone sleepers, this has some advantages. When sleeping on the prone without a pillow, the spine is abnormally aligned, which reduces the load on the spine. However, when a pillow is used in the prone position, the connection between the head and spine becomes unhealthy, resulting in a bad sleep experience. Thus, neck pain can be observed during the day depending on the situation. Instead of sleeping without a pillow, it will be healthier for the person to sleep in the right sleeping position!

Morpho Visco Pillow for Healthy Sleep!

Morpho, which is produced with superior technology in international standards Visco pillow is designed for a peaceful sleep. With its non-sweaty special fabric, the temperature control is balanced during sleep. In addition, the fabric can be easily washed whenever desired, in this respect, it is extremely hygienic and skin-friendly. Morpho Visco pillow is pressure sensitive, it takes the shape of the neck and head with its air-channel visco layer. It has four different degrees of hardness: soft, medium soft, medium hard and hard. You can check the Morpho Visco pillow from the link below to protect your spine health and sleep with the right pillow!

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