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How is Bed Hygiene Provided?

For a healthy and comfortable sleep, we need to keep our bed hygienic. We spend a third of our time sleeping in our bed each day. Considering this, we can say that mattress cleaning is one of the most important issues for our health. If we do not pay attention to the cleanliness of our bed; Our bed can become a home for fungi, bacteria and mites that can cause diseases over time. Well, does changing our sheets and covers frequently make our bed free of bacteria? Unfortunately, just because our bed is always covered with sheets doesn't mean it doesn't need cleaning. In order to rid our mattress of bad odors and bacteria, it must be cleaned in the most correct way.

How Do We Protect From Bed Bacteria?

Our hair and shed pieces of skin cause the accumulation of bed bacteria, called mites, over time. Especially spring beds prepare a very suitable environment for mite formation. The dampness of the bed creates an environment for the growth of mites. Mites have harmful effects such as allergies. May cause itching and skin rash. Sprays produced to protect against these bacteria do not offer a permanent solution. By getting a professional cleaning service, you can ensure that your mattress is free of mites. You should make sure that the company you will receive the cleaning service from uses environmentally friendly products instead of chemical cleaning materials. However, since this situation will be repeated constantly, it would be more rational to find a definitive solution that will prevent the formation of bed bacteria. Apart from professional cleaning service, you can vacuum your bed yourself and free your bed from dust deposits. If there are stains on your mattress, you need to remove them; because mites feed on these dirt. You can clean your mattress from stains with stain cleaners. If you are using a traditional spring mattress, turning your mattress upside down every three months and using the other side is another important issue for mattress hygiene.

Choosing the Right Mattress for Mattress Hygiene

To permanently prevent the formation of mattress bacteria You can choose beds that will allow you to sleep in more hygienic conditions. Anti-allergic and antibacterial mattress types and pillows will be suitable for mattress hygiene. You can choose products that can be removed and washed. There are visco and latex mattresses among the mattress types that provide these features. The most advanced technology of smart sponge technology Morpho Sleep Visco You can enjoy a clean sleep with mattresses.

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