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How to Clean the Bed?

Living a natural life is possible by turning to natural products. For a high standard of living, a natural and healthy lifestyle must be adopted. Habits such as nutrition, sleep directly affect quality of life. effects. In order for the energy to be in place, it is necessary to establish a regular sleep routine. For sleep health, the room, bed and sleeping products should be suitable for the person. Having a comfortable sleep experience by getting rid of the tiredness of the day depends on the hygienic and natural materials of the bed to sleep on. The quality, material and fabric of the bed should be of high quality. Depending on use, the mattress can become dirty over time and these dirt can turn into disease-causing bacteria. Although sleeping products such as sheets and duvet covers are changed frequently, mattress cleaning should also be done periodically! Although the clean sheets laid on the bed provide comfort in terms of hygiene, it is not possible to see the bad odor and bacteria that penetrate the bed with the naked eye. Many microorganisms may have settled in the bed without us noticing! On average, one-third of the daily time is spent sleeping in bed, and based on this situation, bed cleaning is extremely important for health. There are some well-known mistakes in mattress cleaning. The important point here is to make a hygiene-based cleaning and not to damage the form of the mattress. By cleaning the mattress at regular intervals, the mattress can be protected from dust and dirt and a healthy sleep can be prepared! At this point, some tricks to know will be very useful.

Tricks in Bed Cleaning

A warm shower and a good sleep are recommended by experts to relieve the stress, intensity and tension experienced during the day. For a comfortable sleep, the room should be ventilated, clean and spacious. Beds that are used every day at home need to be cleaned periodically. We can say that these care needs to be done in order to wake up more fit and healthy! While the bedroom is ventilated, dust, dirt, bacteria coming from the window, hair falling out while sleeping and skin rashes are among the main factors that pollute the bed. Since each mattress has its own characteristics, the instructions for use of the mattress must be observed when cleaning the mattress. For double-sided beds, it should be used once a year by turning the other side of the bed. In addition, if the mattress is in a humid and humid environment, it should be ventilated periodically. First of all, products such as sheets, pillows, bedding sets that are covered on the bed should be removed. Dirty sheets and blankets should be washed in appropriate programs. It should be ensured that these sleep products are well dried after washing. The use of mattress pads will be beneficial in preventing dirt from penetrating into the mattress! Using harmful chemicals for mattress cleaning is one of the biggest mistakes made. This mistake, made with the feeling that it will be cleaner, damages the form of the mattress and is extremely unfavorable for health. For these reasons, it is best to turn to natural products.

Eliminate the Stains on the Bed with Natural Products!

After removing the sleeping products on the bed and washing it, the bed can be swept with a hepa filtered broom. At this point, make sure that the head of the vacuum cleaner is clean. Otherwise, the mattress may become even more dirty. It is possible to remove or dilute the yellow stains caused by long-term use on mattresses with the help of natural materials. The stained area on the bed should be sprayed with white vinegar and waited for 5 minutes, then baking soda should be sprinkled. After the baking soda foams, wiping the stained part with the help of a microfiber cloth will reduce the yellowing spots! Invisible dust, bacteria, bad odor, particles such as dead skin can contaminate the mattress. At the same time, stains such as tea and coffee do not create a pleasant image. This situation is dangerous in terms of hygiene and negatively affects sleep quality. Another method to prevent this is to spread the baking soda, known for its cleansing properties, on the mattress and to drip a few drops of your favorite fragrance. Then the surface should be swept and ventilated. This natural method is widely used and gives the desired result in mattress cleaning.

Chemical products should not be used in mattress cleaning. In particular, the use of bleach and chemical detergents should be avoided. Covering the mattress makes cleaning even easier. The surface of the mattress can be wiped by rubbing with a warm soapy water. The important point here is that the cloth does not stay too wet and do not use hot water! After making sure that the dust accumulated on the mattress is cleaned, the necessary environment should be provided for the ventilation of the mattress. In this way, bad odors will also be removed from the bed. The bedroom should be ventilated frequently to keep the bed clean using it. Even if your morning time is very limited, covering the bed with a blanket instead of leaving it messy will be beneficial in terms of cleaning. It is also an important criterion at this point that the clothes that are worn all day and exposed to dust from the outside air are not left on the bed in the evening. It would be a better choice to choose the sheets laid on the bed from the elastic ones. Elastic sheets provide better protection as they completely enclose the mattress. If possible, such linens should be preferred. Since the cleanliness and comfort of the bed are decisive for a good sleep, these should be paid attention to. Made from 100% natural materials Morpho Sleep visco mattresses and sleeping products are extremely hygienic. With its quality fabric structure, Morpho visco mattresses do not retain moisture and can be easily washed. Compared to normal fabrics, they have a faster drying structure. Morpho visco mattresses, which can be used on both sides, also provide ease of use. Having international standards, visco mattresses promise comfort with their unique layered structure. You can easily choose the most suitable Morpho Sleep visco mattress with its different sizes and mattress hardness degrees.

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