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What are the Bed Types?

Choosing a mattress is very important for a quality and healthy sleep. Having information about mattress types when choosing a mattress will enable you to make the right decision.

Spring Mattress

Spring mattress; It consists of spring and sponge. Springs provide flexibility and body support. Bonel and Hercules spring systems are used in standard spring mattresses. In Bonel and Hercules spring systems, each of the springs is connected to each other. For this reason, when you sleep in pairs in traditional spring mattresses, you feel the turns a lot. In traditional spring mattresses prepared by connecting the springs to each other, the body weight cannot be distributed evenly and this negatively affects the health of the body. Spring mattresses are not a suitable option for a healthy and comfortable sleep.

Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses, produced by transforming rubber milk into sponge form, are completely natural and flexible. Latex mattresses have a foamy texture. Thanks to this structure, it takes the shape of the body and supports the spine. Latex mattresses, which have a perforated structure, provide air flow quickly and do not sweat. It will be the right choice for people with allergy problems; but people with latex allergy should not prefer it.

Visco Mattress

Space technology Visco; It is a technology found by NASA as a result of experiments carried out to reduce the load and pressure on astronauts' bodies. Visco; It is the name of the smart sponge that takes the shape of your body by softening after the pressure you make together with the weight and temperature of your body. Visco beds; It consists of soft sponge and Visco layer placed on it. These beds have smart cell technology and allow the person to sleep in the most comfortable way during sleep by remembering the user's sleeping characteristics. Visco elastic sponges; Since it has an open-celled structure, they are antibacterial and antiseptic products. They prevent the mattress from constantly breathing, sweating or coldness. Visco mattresses; It reduces various muscle and joint pain complaints thanks to its structures that provide blood circulation and support the spine perfectly.

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Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid Mattress; It is formed by cutting and arranging independent materials such as spring, visco, latex, sponge in a way to use the highest performance point, and collecting them in a single bed with the use of advanced technology machines. Thus, a mattress that can reach a wider audience and has an increased satisfaction rate emerges.

In hybrid mattresses, unlike standard spring mattresses, package springs are used. Pack spring is the top segment of spring technology. The difference between the package and the bonel/hercules spring is the method of attachment. In the package spring system, the spring coils are not connected to each other, they move independently. In the Bonel or Hercules spring system, the spring coils are mechanically connected to each other with metal wires. In package spring mattresses, the couples are not affected by each other's movements. If you do not want to break away from traditional spring mattresses, you can choose Hybrid mattresses with package springs.

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