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Spring Mattress? Visco?

Today, there are many different bed options to suit every body. While trying to decide on the most suitable mattress for yourself, you will come across bed alternatives with and without spring. In order to understand the differences between spring and springless mattresses, it will be necessary to make an accurate comparison. Recently, visco mattresses are the most preferred mattresses. So, for a comfortable and healthy sleep, should we choose a spring mattress or a visco mattress?

Spring Mattress?

Bonel and Hercules spring systems are used in standard conventional spring mattresses. In these spring systems, each of the springs is connected to each other and cannot move independently. For this reason, standard spring mattresses cannot fully grasp the body and cannot distribute the body weight evenly. We can also say that the springs in standard spring mattresses cause more electricity to accumulate in the body. This can make you feel more tense in the morning. Cold or sweating problems can be seen in standard spring mattresses that do not have a constantly ventilated structure. In addition, since there will be dirt, dust and bacteria formations between the springs, allergy problems may occur. Even when sleeping as a couple, couples can feel each other's turns and movements a lot and wake up frequently. Under all these conditions, we can say that traditional spring mattresses are not the right choice for a healthy sleep.

Hybrid Bed?

With the emergence of advanced technologies, the package spring system has started to be used in spring mattresses. Package spring system, unlike Bonel and Hercules spring systems, has the feature of being able to move independently of each other. The springs in this system are connected to each other with spring bags and thus support the body more than standard springs. Packing each spring separately will prevent the springs from rubbing, thus preventing the springs from making noise. If you can't give up on spring mattresses, you can choose Package spring Hybrid mattresses. Hybrid Bed; Independent spring technology and Space technology combine visco in a single bed. Hybrid mattresses are also a nice alternative to springless visco mattresses. They offer a comfortable and comfortable sleep experience.

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Visco Mattress?

The smart sponge technology visco was designed by NASA to balance the load and pressure on the astronauts' bodies. Then, visco mattresses emerged with the visco layer placed on the soft sponge. It is the most advanced level of springless mattress technology. Softening with body weight and warmth, visco mattresses take the shape of the body, completely wrapping the body and keeping the spine straight. It reduces the complaints of muscle and joint, waist, neck and back pain. Visco mattresses, which have an open-cell structure that constantly breathes, balance the body temperature and do not cause sweating and cold problems. There is no dirt, dust and bacteria formation and it is also suitable for allergic bodies. At the same time, while sleeping as a couple, visco mattresses that allow the spouses to move independently of each other provide an uninterrupted sleep experience. Considering all these, we can say that visco mattresses keep healthy sleep comfort at the highest level. Springless visco mattresses will be the right choice for a spacious and uninterrupted sleep!

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